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Build your own rocket flight capable pulse jet (e-book)


Price: $17
Pages: 122
ISBN: 978-91-979827-4-0
Published: 2012

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This step-by-step building instruction book covers the build of a light weight valveless pulse jet engine with a built in fuel vaporizer. The complete engine weighs 480 grams and can produce 1800+ grams of thrust, giving it a healthy 1:3.75 thrust to weight ratio. With a small fuel tank filled with fuel for a short run, the weight is around 550 grams.


  • Exploded view
  • Pulse jet engines
  • Step-by-step building instruction – vaporizer
  • Step-by-step building instruction – combustion chamber
  • Step-by-step building instruction – transition con
  • Step-by-step building instruction – fuel tank
  • Step-by-step building instruction – fuel adaptor
  • Step-by-step building instruction – spark wand-flame trench
  • Step-by-step building instruction – fueling-starting procedure
  • Inspirational pictures
  • List of materials and tool requirements
  • Templates

Look inside the book



Inspirational photos and video

Completed rocket flight capable pulse jet.




Test running the engine.



Part 1. Investigative tests made to find out the feasibility of the pulse jet model rocket concept.



Part 2. Final thrust test before first flight attempt with this pulse jet model rocket.



Part 3. First pulse jet rocket flight ever!?


Test running an engine built according to the step-by-step building instruction.



Further development of the pulse jet rocket engine.