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Build your own electric motor - simplified version (e-book)


Price: $5
Pages: 88
Published: 2010

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This is the complete and very detailed step-by-step instruction for building a brushless motor and a simple ESC, Electronic Speed Controller, using common available material and inexpensive workshop tools.


The building technique presented in this DIY motor project can be used to create a variety of motors with different characteristics. This means that you can customize the motor towards your own projects unique requirements.

Motor specifications:
Voltage: 2 x 12-48V, depending on which power transistors you use.
No load rpm: 5300rpm@ 36volt
No load current drain: 1.8A @36volt
Rpm and amp with 28/10 prop: 2500rpm@ 21A 33V
Efficiency @2500 rpm, 21A : 73% = 513W shaft power
Propulsion force with 28/10- prop@ 2500 rpm: 4.4kg


  • Building the stator and support bearing plate
  • Building the rotor
  • Assembling the motor
  • Building the ESC, electronic speed controller
  • Technical drawings/template, electric scheme, PWM circuit

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Inspirational videos

This video shows the motor turning a propeller.