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Build your own 3D printed jet engine (e-book)


Price: $14
Pages: 98
ISBN: 978-91-979827-7-1
Published: 2016

You can download the e-book as soon as your purchase is completed. All relevant STL files are free of charge, see links below.

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Free downloadable STL files


Separate STL file with reduced printing height turbine housing mold



This build is for all of you who just want to fiddle around and conduct experiments with gas turbines in a simple and affordable manner. Given that you either own or have access to a good quality hobby 3D-printer the build itself is a low cost project, especially when considering that the final result is a real functioning jet engine.


  • General information
  • Materials
  • Tools
  • The engine from intake to exhaust
  • Step-by-step building instruction
  • Running the engine for the first time
  • Further development
  • Templates

Look inside the book



Inspirational videos

3D printed jet engine.



Running and disassembly of 3D printed jet engine.



3D-printed jet engine "The Hair Fryer".



3D-printed jet engine "endurance" and temperature test.



3D printed jet engine 15 min run.



3D-printed jet @40k+ RPM!